St Michael’s Hotel


We created an array of interior design features for the St Michael's Hotel and Spa in Falmouth to enhance the contemporary, maritime theme that runs throughout. Pretty much any way you turn in the hotel you'll see that 20/20's creativity is present.

As soon as guests step inside the hotel they are greeted with a large wall graphic of a boat brought to life with a hanging canvas sail. Back-lit portholes with sailing imagery are a unique touch to the lounge area, and glass room dividers with frosted detailing provide privacy for guests.

Attention to detail in the design, production and installation phases is imperative when working with St Michael's Hotel to ensure that the quality reflects the hotel's four star status. From the main signage through to way-finding and bar encasements, the St Michael's brand has been implemented to give the personal touch that the hotel has always provided for its clients.



St Michael's Hotel and Spa