National Trust Dyrham

Dyrham’s conservation project presents new, once in a lifetime, opportunities for visitors to experience new layers of the property.

They have been granted views of the landscape and mansion through the roof experience, to connect with William Blathwayt’s world using all their senses in the historic rooms, to see and even handle objects in a context of store and conservation. Temporary exhibitions interpret a timeline of building and architecture, from the gathering of materials, the creation of a new building around an older great hall, through to modern conservation and building processes working together with traditional skills and crafts. Stories of builders and architects from Dyrham’s past alongside the voices of those working on the project today. New areas of the park and gardens have become available...

This is not an apologetic ‘work in progress’ but a great opportunity for those familiar with Dyrham to experience a host of new experiences, and for first time visitors to experience a country house and estate in a new way.

This project is one with changing activities throughout; tracking the progress of build work, new objects going through conservation, even simple seasonal changes in the park and gardens. Our collection of exhibitions, together with other internal and outdoor interpretation, and a full set of literature, allow Dyrham to present an updatable and vibrant experience to all its visitors and supporters - new and existing.