MAZAK Canteen


Global engineering giant Yamazaki Mazak, the world’s largest manufacturer of machine tools, commissioned 20/20 to redesign their old ‘works canteen’ into an exciting communal meeting and eating space.

Mazak needed to impart information regarding company values and news, to staff and visitors – spanning an audience from top-tier executives to factory floor operatives. They were keen for a practical and contemporary solution which engaged their audience, and assisted viewers in retaining the information being imparted, while representing their brand and credentials as a leader in their industry.


We envisaged a modern communications hub, allowing all levels of employees and visitors to mix and gain benefit from interactions at all levels. A Japanese style compartmented wall, displays announcements to staff and reflects the Japanese roots of the company. Interchangeable panels allow for information to be refreshed easily and frequently. Wifi points allow for hot desking, and hardwearing and practical furniture was selected to suit the busy working space. Mazak’s statement orange colour was incorporated into the new environment further reinforcing their brand.


Open communication and listening to the needs of our client decision makers, and their wider staff, allowed us to deliver an innovative design, meeting the needs of their organisation now, and for the future. Gaining a thorough understanding of our client and company ethos and sensibilities, allowed us to fully meet and exceed our client’s expectations.