Bideford Railway Carriage

We were tasked with renovating a dated visitor centre, within a Railway Carriage. 20/20 successfully won the tender process, with a specific brief to create an exciting and interactive visitor experience.

Our space planning for the carriage was intended to open the space out as much as possible within the 7’6” width - to make it feel less of a corridor. We used one side of the carriage to interpret the Tarka route trail with a large illustrative map, complete with interactive elements. The other side of the carriage took key themes from the route map and expanded them with detailed interpretation points.

The range of themed panels included large LED lightbox units with backlit scenic photos - giving the feel of light flooding in... of views from train windows. The carriage wasn't travelling anywhere, but we wanted to evoke the sense of a journey through the landscape. The two sides of the carriage were connected by arches at ceiling level, with pendents and graphics to highlight key points on the route map.

Overall we delivered a fresh, timeless and cost effect solution.