We have a strong sustainability ethos at 20/20

We consider the environment at every stage of a project right through from concept to completion. We specify sustainable products, materials and suppliers whenever possible. We encourage experimentation with new technologies and embrace new ideas. However, sustainability is often a relative measure. We assess the merits of any selected material by considering its suitability against a range of criteria including:

• Aesthetic appeal
• Availability
• Cost and performance
• Renewability
• Embodied energy
• Recyclability
• True cost
• Resource scarcity and toxicity

Sustainability in practice:

Local craftsmen and suppliers

We use skilled craftsman and suppliers from the local community whenever possible. This means far less production miles, less fuel burnt while transporting the product to installation sites, and that time to deliver goods and the wear and tear costs of suppliers’ vehicles are both reduced.

Design and specification

We specify materials from sustainable sources wherever possible and all of our timber is FSC certified. Panels and structures are designed so that their individual components can be easily reused or recycled at the end of their life.

Print production

We use solvent free and bio-solvent inks and our printers use the latest UV technology to reduce energy consumption.


We plan ahead so that we can group deliveries and istallation together wherever possible, further reducing production miles and fuel used. We also reuse all packaging materials sent to us, rarely having to buy it in, keeping waste to a minimum.

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