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A perfect example of balance in action

Visitors to our studio in Falmouth, Cornwall, see exactly what this balance looks like in practice. Our premises are home to talented designers and interiors experts who’ve amassed experience of global brands at big agencies. They work alongside equally experienced manufacturers and installers who thrive on transforming vision into three-dimensional reality.

It’s this balance, this sense of an eager machine’s moving parts working towards a common goal, which makes 20/20 unique.


New project, new reputation

We expect to be judged by our portfolio. The moment we take even one piece of work for granted is the moment the phone stops ringing.

When our clients succeed, so do we. That’s why we treat every new project like it’s our first: no assumptions, no treading water, no living off our reputation.

To assemble teams of gifted individuals takes time; matching up talents, balancing skills and nurturing relationships is a serious business, but we never lose sight of the fact that the business we’re lucky to be in is innovative and rewarding.

We love doing the job; we particularly love doing the job well. This means clients enjoy working with us, which is just how it should be.


“Nobody told us you did that as well”

We’ve become used to hearing this. Thanks to our 600m2 premises and our unique combination of skills and services we’re able to work on a surprisingly wide range of projects.

And clients who say this are actually describing the process we call 2020 Vision. It’s how that balance we talk about plays out: the client focus, the joined-up conceptual and strategic approach, the relentless attention to detail.

It’s how we manage projects and relationships, listen and develop ideas, and find the sweet spot where creative and practical blend to best effect.

It’s the core of what we do and runs right through our six key business areas.

Interior Design
Signage & Wayfinding
Graphics & Branding
Visitor Experience
Events & Exhibitions

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