Dyrham home improvements sign

At 20/20, bringing places to life is in our blood, even when they are obscured by scaffold, or regular visitor routes are closed. When that place is undergoing building or renovation works, we understand that it can sometimes feel like there’s more to hide than shine a light on, but we prefer to take a different approach. We celebrate the project, embracing it as an opportunity to educate, inspire and delight.

Whilst a closure of your regular visitor experience may seem worrying, we believe it can be a rare opportunity to present yourself in a completely different way – to invite visitors to see a familiar place from a different perspective, or to use the work to bring in new audiences.

We’ve completed many projects like this, from multiple exhibitions for large works such as Dyrham Park’s roof project, through to single items or displays.

Here are a few examples of how a change of focus can distract your visitors from the negative and highlight the unique features your project opens up.

Dyrham behind the scaffolding

Dyrham’s usual and first time visitors were treated to a host of new experiences, exhibitions and trails – presenting the raw challenge of maintaining historic buildings, set against stories of how they were built in the first place.

Killerton tea chest display

Where objects are packed or wrapped – make a display of them anyway.

Killerton lightbox window views

Where windows are obscured by scaffolding or building work, use lightbox images to give the illusion of the view.

Killerton temporary picture mount

Create pop up displays in the available space, like this temporary hanging for a 3.5m painting.

Dyrham fabric stores

Make back of house conservation and stores the front of house attraction

Dyrham floral display panel

Focus presentations on single objects

Killerton mock up interior

Demonstrate the issues – this pop-up fundraiser stand shows the damage caused by the elements.

Graphic wrap with motorbike

Wrap and augment unattractive utility items

Arlington Court 3D map

Use pop-up displays to reveal the unseen areas of a building currently out-of-bounds

Newhailes wayfinding

Information and orientation points help visitors navigate around a site undergoing major redevelopment.

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