Bench seating with planters

How bringing the outdoors in creates positive workspace design.

There are elements of our environment that affect our behaviour without us necessarily knowing it. This is the thinking behind using natural outdoor elements in our interior spaces – also known as ‘biophilic design’. 

It’s well documented that humans need to be connected to nature and green spaces for increased feelings of happiness and wellbeing. Bringing those natural elements into the workplace mimics the outdoor environment to boost positivity and reduce stress. 

Table with built in tree planter
Using natural elements in interior design increases feelings of wellbeing

Small scale changes such as adding plants to the office environment can go a long way to increasing feelings of wellbeing. Small plants can be placed on and around desks, while larger specimens and planters can contribute to layout and structure, creating natural barriers, at varying heights and in clusters to replicate nature as much as possible. 

Natural lighting and sunny views create a happier and more positive space. Make the most of windows and natural lighting in your layout, and choose appropriate lighting to brighten darker spaces.

Brighten dark spaces with appropriate lighting
Study booth with down lighting

Upgrading to strategic lighting control systems, which incorporate dimmer switches or LED bulbs that can mimic the natural change of light throughout the day, can provide more flexible lighting within a space, something that is vital to the modern, agile spaces that we work in. 

Other natural elements can easily be brought into the workplace such as natural wooden finishes in décor and furnishings, feature artwork depicting scenes of nature, and even scents and sound effects can contribute to the perception of being closer to the natural environment. 

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