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A key challenge for businesses today is trying to effectively cut through the noise and connect with your customers. To do this, building a unique brand identity is a really good place to start. 20/20 Founder and Managing Director, Jaimie Sibert, shares some of his top tips on branding for business.

Listen before you leap

The first step to any creative process is to listen. Before you can create an effective brand you need a clear understanding of who you are and what you represent. The best way to do this is to ask. Ask those who know your business – your staff, your suppliers, your customers, but also ask those who don’t interact with you and find out why. Before you start to think about how you want things to look, take time to fully understand your organisation’s values, perception and how you want your brand to feel.

Perception is reality

Your brand is the public voice of your organisation – it tells people who you are and what you stand for. Perception is reality when it comes to your organisation’s reputation so it’s important to have a strong brand identity that clearly communicates your core values and messages.

See our project communicating brand values for the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust

Think beyond digital

While digital media makes up a huge part of any marketing and promotion strategy, there’s no substitute for being able to actually see and feel something – don’t underestimate the value of tangible and experience brand communication.

Brand application – consistency is key

When you take your brand out into the world, whether it’s through a sign or exhibition stand, a website or a store interior – all these things create a tangible extension of your brand that people can see, touch and experience. Make sure you’re not sending mixed messages – a consistent brand ensures that everyone who interacts with you, whether customers, employees or other stakeholders, are all on the same page.

See our project sharing Mazak’s brand values with staff and visitors in their canteen

Fools rush in

If you choose to employ a creative agency to develop or apply your branding, make sure you allow realistic timescales for design concepts to be refined and approved. A rush job is never going to be the best job, so make the most of your investment and give the design process plenty of time.

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