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Steel letters

Signage and wayfinding is how people interact with you at a fundamental, functional level. Our 20/20 signs team make that interaction as attractive, easy and natural as it can be.

Perhaps it’s because signs are where we started over 20 years ago, signage and wayfinding mean something extra to us.  Experience, imagination and a feel for materials, as well as our expertise in production and installation, help us to create signage which becomes the public voice of your organisation.

If you’re looking for inspiration for the ideal solution for your business signage, this post provides an introduction to some of the popular materials and techniques we can provide. But there is no prescription for this and no limit to it. We’ll advise the best solutions depending on what you need: a single sign, eye-catching wrap for a van, a subtle, detailed suite of bespoke wayfinding, a prominent shop front or head office bold statement. We will guide you through the many options and bring your aspirations to fruition.



Acrylic perspex

20/20 use the latest technology to produce high quality Perspex signs.  The material can be moulded, folded, routered and polished. A vast array of colours can be chosen for both interior and exterior uses. Acrylic’s vast array of colours and finishes are often used to create letters and can also be used very effectively for  backing in signs with illumination.



Pure aluminium or aluminium composite signs (Dibond) are durable and robust in strength, they are super slim, temperature stable and provide great resistance to physical impact. They can be used for internal and external signage and cut for individual letters.  The material can be welded, folded, stencil cut and routered. A light weight material that is easy to work with and resists corrosion.

Fabricated Steel Text

Steel letters

Mostly commonly used on larger projects, as a mount for lettering and logos, it can also be cut for large individual letters either flat or 3D. Steel can provide a number of finishes including mirror polished, brushed or powder coated, and can come in a range of colours including gold, silver, rusted and corroded or bronzed.

Paint Finishing

Paint finishing

Colours define your brand so we understand how important it is to get it right. We use our in-house spray bake facility to achieve the correct colour match on a wide variety of surfaces. We are also skilled at hand painting if the project requires it.

Digital Printing

Digital printing

Designs may feature photographic images and 3D rendering. Our investment in technology allows us to convert 3D wire frame models into 2D images. Our digital printing capability allows us to re-create these designs on a wide range of materials, on all options from fixed permanent signage to banners and exhibition stands.



A wide range of designs and surfaces can be used in fact the list is endless due to the huge range of colours and effects available. Vinyl is a cost effective and long lasting solution. It can be applied to signs, can be illuminated, applied to glass and to most types of vehicle.It is an ideal material for hoardings, building wraps, retail signage, sticker printing, vehicle graphics, outdoor signs and much more.

LED Lighting

LED lighting

Latest advances in technology enable us to illuminate signs – even when the signage is on a small scale or in an awkward situation.  Long life LED systems deliver exceptional performance, energy savings and cost reduction. They achieve minimal effect on the environment with their low power consumption and long life.

Chemical etching


High quality plaques and premier choice signs can be produced by using the chemical etching process on brass and steel. Lettering and logo details can be achieved to an extremely fine detail, and then infilled to any colour.

Sign Writing

Sign writing

There is still demand for traditional methods such as signwriting and gold leafing, in which we are lucky enough to have maintained our skill. Our investment in staff training and legacy skills set allows us to compliment our investment in state of the art training and technology.
Have a look at our portfolio of signage projects and if you want to know more, get in touch.
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